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Success story

July 21, 2016

Making a Tasteful Impact In Sweden

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Every year, Swedes celebrate Kanelbullens Dag—or cinnamon roll day. During the celebrated event, people all over Sweden eat the delectably sweet roll. In honor of the festivities, iconic premium ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s wanted to promote its newly launched Cinnamon Buns flavor—a decadent treat that mimics the sugar and spice of the baked goods.

Last year on Kanelbullens Dag, Ben & Jerry’s Sweden (@benjerryswe) ran video ads promoting the new flavor. “We’re all about product excitement and flavor excitement,” says Johanna Roos, Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry’s Nordics. “Instagram is a great platform for us to make our brand come alive.”

Working with Mindshare Sweden, the ice cream company shot a series of videos to elicit interaction from Swedes on Instagram. The team made sure the videos were eye catching, worked with sound off and worked well on automatic loop.

At the end of the campaign, Ben & Jerry’s Sweden got great results. With the videos, the company increased ad awareness by 67%, brand awareness by 11% an even drove an 80% increase in sales.

Watch the video to see how the concept came together to make a tasty impact in Sweden.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA