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February 11, 2022

Celebrating Lunar New Year With Cut Fruit Collective

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Hailing from the Bay Area in San Francisco, @cutfruitcollective is a nonprofit organization that helps Asian American and Pacific Islander neighborhoods build more resilient communities through networking, art and food. The grassroots group has a vision of building a future where all AAPI communities thrive and feel seen, heard and celebrated.

description of Cut Fruit Collective

Below, founder Daphne Wu shares their plans for Lunar New Year and beyond.

You recently launched the wonderful Lunar New Year box. How did you come up with the idea? How is it tied to your mission of supporting the Asian community?

Our work as a community arts nonprofit focuses on creating inspiring ways to connect with heritage Asian American and Pacific Islander neighborhoods that build more resilient communities. One way we do that is by developing relationships with immigrant-owned small businesses in Bay Area AAPI neighborhoods, all of whom are already overwhelmed with staying afloat during these times. We let the businesses tell us the best way that we can support them, whether it's through connecting them with artists and creatives, storytelling, relief fundraising or finding innovative ways to attract new customers.

For the Oakland Chinatown Community Prosperity Box [pictured below], we wanted to spotlight 8 businesses and organizations, some of which offer seasonal Lunar New Year goods including red envelopes, a lucky lanyard charm, Vietnamese mung bean cakes, traditional candied sweets and more. We also designed traditional red paper decorations with a special Cut Fruit Collective touch. The goal of the box was to support the businesses and also draw folks to pick up the box in Oakland, Chinatown to further spend their dollars in the neighborhood.

box of snacks from @cutfruitcollective

It's almost been a year since the extreme rise in Asian hate occurred and #StopAsianHate became viral. Why is it important to support the Asian community and businesses year round?

To move past the current climate of fear and hate and into empowerment and love, we believe building coalitions across communities will create more resilient neighborhoods.

Many of the attacks happen in under-resourced neighborhoods, particularly to senior residents. We believe that stopping hate against the Asian community also means fighting against gentrification and mobilizing class-privileged people to value and support working-class AAPI neighborhoods without transforming the neighborhood to cater to upper-class tastes. By supporting legacy and immigrant-owned businesses that serve low-income populations year round, you help create thriving neighborhoods that lead to a healthier, more connected society at large.

quote from Daphne Wu, founder

Cut Fruit Collective brings lots of incredible businesses together and creates many opportunities for them to connect. What advice do you have for businesses looking to create more genuine collaborations this year?

In our experience, our audience really resonates with wholesome content and collaborations powered by genuine stories, as they deeply long to connect with others, themselves and their community. We also don’t shy away from difficult feelings, such as loss, nostalgia or complicated relationships with identity, family or culture. By choosing products and partners who really speak to that authenticity, we've deepened connections and continue to grow our community.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA