New ways for brands and creators to collaborate within Instagram’s creator marketplace

clock imageOctober 20, 2022

Every day, more and more partnerships are forming between creators and businesses on Instagram. For brands, partnering with creators allows them to tap into culture and build mutually beneficial relationships that drive meaningful value for consumers.

In July, Instagram began testing a creator marketplace as the official destination for brands and creators to connect and form partnerships. Businesses in the U.S. can now register their interest in joining creator marketplace as we continue expanding access.

“The creator marketplace is an incredible platform to discover, negotiate deals and collaborate with creators on Instagram,” says Ori Guttin, CEO & Co-Founder of VIEWBUG. “It's super simple and straightforward for us to use as a brand and seems like the creators also understand the platform really well."

As we expand availability, we’re introducing new tools on creator marketplace aimed at helping brands and creators collaborate more effectively.

New project options

Brands can now make projects discoverable by creators who meet their criteria. Creators will soon be able to let brands, such as Summer Fridays or Alohas, know they’re interested in the opportunity. In addition to making projects more discoverable, brands can now message multiple creators at once via a prioritized partnership messages inbox. To make it easier for brands and creators to close branded content deals quickly, brands can now send projects with fixed offers that creators can review and accept immediately.

Available projects

Creator portfolio

Creators will soon be able to set up a portfolio to share their unique story and position themselves for brand partnerships. With a portfolio, creators can share an overview of who they are, highlight previous content and showcase their past brand partners.

Creator portfolio

Branded content ad code for creators

To make it easier for businesses to promote organic creator content, creators will soon be able to provide brand partners with a unique code that brands can use to run creator content as ads.

Branded Content

At Instagram, we are always evolving to make it easier for brands to grow their business with creators who love their brand. We're excited about the potential of creator marketplace and look forward to continuing to expand access and add more features to make it even better.