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27 April 2018

Inspiring the Explorers

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Arabian Travel Market is the global meeting place for the travel trade and Instagram Business was in attendance to talk about how brands are connecting with travel lovers through our platform to develop valuable relationships.

Priya Patel, Instagram’s Brand Development Lead in Dubai, was joined in a series of Instagram Live #NOFILTER broadcasts by Charlie Taylor, Group Director of Brand Communications for Jumeirah Group, Aida Mohammad Al Busaidy, Director of C2C campaigns for Dubai Tourism and Michelle Karam @traveljunkiediary and founder of travel4purpose to talk about how Instagram now brings travel brands to life.

The Changing World of Travel

In the past, people would have to wait until they were home to develop their camera films and fill photo albums with their adventures. Or they’d pick up a local postcard and mail it to a few friends and family.

Now, they are capturing and sharing their travel moments as they’re happening, with an immediacy and level of reach that means an extended family of travel lovers from all around the world get to feel like they’re on their trip with them. People are thinking about and experiencing travel in whole new ways and it’s all happening on Instagram.

Because of instagram, we’re able to showcase destinations, hotels and airline experiences. People are able to purchase travel much easier than they used to.
Michelle Karam, @traveljunkiediary and founder of travel4purpose
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Moments that Matter

Being able to experience other people’s travel adventures means that millions of travel lovers are now making their future travel plans—where they want to go, how they’re going to get there and what they’re going to do when they arrive—with Instagram.

Travel lovers are coming to the platform every day inviting inspiration to find them and making memories they want to share, as well as seeking travel tips and uncovering hidden local gems that can’t be found in the guide books. And it’s not just from their friend networks—travel lovers are just as happy to hear from brands and businesses who can tap into their passion for adventure.

We see instagram as a dreaming first platform. The right content on instagram can get those travelers dreaming about coming to our hotels, so it was a natural fit to be a key part of our strategy.
Charlie Taylor, Group Dir. Brand Communications, Jumeirah Group
Appetite for Adventure

They say that travel broadens your horizons, and travel lovers on Instagram are the living proof of it, having a broad range of interests they’re actively engaging with alongside their passion for travel. Entertainment, retail, lifestyle and food all factor highly with them and they’re constantly on the lookout for experiences that connect with those interests when they are travelling.

We used to have to search online and check different stories and reviews, but today we can just go on Instagram and ask them directly ‘is the kids club good?’, ‘do they have a vegan option?’, ‘how’s the family room?’ and instantly in real-time their answer is on there.
Michelle Karam,@traveljunkiediary and founder of travel4purpose
Tell your Story

The immersive power of Instagram Stories is connecting travel lovers with their friends as well as being a rich source of inspiration for them. With its built-in quality of playfulness and personality, stories on Instagram is proving to be a very reliable touchstone for brands that want to connect with travel lovers in a highly engaging and impactful way.

We understand the value-add that Stories have. The minute you start using them and add swipe-up we can create engagement that we can measure.
Aida Mohammad Al Busaidy, Dir. C2C campaigns, Dubai Tourism

Inspiring Action

Instagram is a platform powered by visual storytelling that consistently inspires people to take action, whether that’s clicking through to a website, buying a product or sharing with their friends.

Brands and businesses on Instagram are experiencing the benefit of our precise demographic targeting that helps them connect with key travel audiences at the moments that matter—transforming interest into awareness and desire into sales, with a success rate that can be measured.

Instagram Stories has moved in the last 6 months from a nice-to-do to an absolute must-have within our marketing strategy.
Charlie Taylor, Group Dir. Brand Communications, Jumeirah Group
Where Travel Adventure Begins

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA