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November 3, 2017

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Latin America

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

With over 2 million active advertisers and 25 million business profiles on Instagram using feed, stories and live to connect with customers all over the world, more and more are utilizing our unique platform to stand out and inspire action—especially in Latin America.

During this year's Facebook Summit in Brazil,1 Instagram's Head of Business Product, Vishal Shah, led a discussion around the emergence of Latin America on Instagram and how businesses can best tap into this thriving market. From global brands to mom-and-pop shops, businesses continue to be an integral part of the Instagram experience. In fact, 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business,2 while 59% of accounts in Brazil have used it to successfully buy a product or discover a brand3—like Sprite, PicPay or Carefree.

Born to Refresh

Using ads in stories to visually inspire young people throughout Mexico, international beverage brand Sprite Mexico (@spritemx) produced a captivating video that put forward the idea that with Sprite, you can overcome any obstacle.

Under the slogan #NacidosParaRefrescar,4 the brand was able to create an immersive ad experience that placed its target audience5 at the center of possibility where risk, reward and refreshment met head on. As a result, the month long campaign generated an impressive 18-point increase in ad recall, 4-point top of mind awareness and 2-point increase in favorability.

Sprite wants to speak to the new generation of young people. Everything we want to do is for them, to celebrate their unique view of the world. We want to talk to them in their own language and on the platforms where we know they interact. Instagram was the ideal tool to reach that goal. Instagram Stories let us reach our young audience using content aimed at aligning ourselves with their interests, catching their attention in a matter of seconds, and communicating our campaign message. We achieved great results and learned useful lessons that we’ll definitely continue to apply as we seek to connect with this generation.
Karen Arreola, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, Sprite Mexico
A New Way of Paying

Looking to go beyond mere app installs, mobile payment service PicPay (@picpay) used App Event optimization across Facebook and Instagram to increase registration for its swift transaction app. Allowing advertisers to better identify people most likely to take a specific action within an app (after being reached by an ad), App Event optimization helped PicPay successfully optimize its ad delivery—particularly on Instagram.

Through the combination of App Event optimization and an engaging carousel ad campaign, PicPay was able to position itself as the premier way to pay through mobile across Brazil. As a result, the campaign converted 65% of those who had installed the app (via the series of carousel ads) into new registrants—delivering the highest proportion of registrations per install.6

PicPay's value proposition is tied to the time people continue to use the app for. With recurring use, we can actually transform habits and make a major impact on our users’ lives. This is why the big challenge goes beyond simply acquiring new users. Along these lines, the segmenting options and solutions offered by the Instagram platform were determining factors in helping us with this challenge, bringing high-quality users with excellent conversion rates.
Anderson Chamon, CEO, PicPay
The Secret to Confidence

Tapping into women's everyday secrets to feeling more confident, Johnson and Johnson used the visual power of Instagram Stories to help support the new positioning of its panty liner brand, Carefree (@carefreearg).

The campaign consisted of six-short videos that featured various female influencers7 from around Latin America who each shared a secret of something they liked to do—encouraging viewers to then share their own beauty secrets with the hashtag #YouKnow. Not only did the campaign perfectly capture the brand's values,8 but it also generated an impressive 17-point increase in ad recall and a 6-point increase in top-of-mind awareness among its target of women in Argentina, aged 17-27.

Our partnership with Instagram allowed us to focus on how our audience consumes media and how we can generate content that is more relevant to their needs, and we’ve reaped some incredible results for Carefree.
Martin Zanlungo, Media Manager, South Hub
Going Beyond Latin America

Throughout the world, businesses of all sizes are using Instagram to bring their products and services to life in a fresh, immersive way. Whether it's Latin America or other regions across the globe, our passionate community is helping businesses connect with people and the things they care about—inspiring action as a result.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA