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July 7, 2016

Getting the Most From Dynamic Ads

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Last month, we launched dynamic ads on Instagram. With this new ad format, advertisers can promote relevant products to shoppers who browse items on their website or mobile app.

Businesses can upload their entire product catalog once, and dynamic ads on Instagram will automatically show the right products to the right people at the right time. This includes people who have shown interest in a specific product by either viewing it, adding it to their cart or purchasing other products on a website or mobile app.

Since launching dynamic ads last month, many retailers and eCommerce businesses have used them to increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition across every device. For example, Birdwell Beach Britches worked with Instagram Partner adMixt to serve ads featuring products related to items shoppers had viewed on its site. By running dynamic ads on Instagram, Birdwell increased reach to its target audience by 18% and saw a 10% increase in attributable revenue.

Expanding our Facebook dynamic ad campaign to Instagram was a no-brainer. During the course of the campaign, we increased reach to our target audience by 18% and doubled our return on ad spend. Based on those results, we’ve made the decision to incorporate dynamic ads across Instagram and Facebook as an always-on component of our marketing plan.
Geoff Clawson, President of Birdwell Beach Britches
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Dynamic Ads for Travel

This year, it’s predicted that 73% of people in the US will research a trip on mobile. So, to help advertisers connect with people planning and booking trips across devices, today we’re extending the power of dynamic ads on Instagram with new travel-specific dimensions. With dynamic ads for travel, advertisers can now show relevant messages to people who’ve expressed interest in traveling to specific destinations and during specific dates.

When a person browses hotels, dynamic ads for travel let advertisers show hotel options to those interested in taking a trip. Dynamic ads for travel can cross sell hotels to people who only searched for flights, too. And to help create the best advertiser and consumer experience, the hotel options shown include dynamic availability and pricing, so people always see the most up-to-date information. At this time, dynamic ads for travel are currently available for hotel inventory only. We will soon expand to other types of travel inventory.

Instagram dynamic ads

With the addition of dynamic ads for travel, companies are already seeing the benefit running them on Instagram.

Instagram’s dynamic ads for travel allow us an easy way to connect directly with people who are planning and booking trips across devices. We’ve seen strong results since launching dynamic ads for travel, and we’re the first hotelier to launch these ads on the Instagram platform. We look forward to continuing to test the full capabilities dynamic ads for travel have to offer, including features like dynamic pricing, custom messaging to lapsed HHonors members, booking window targeting and more.
Dustin Bomar, Vice President, Digital Acquisition and Brand Marketing at Hilton Worldwide
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Getting Started

Whether you want to run dynamic ads or dynamic ads for travel on Instagram, you’ll set them up using the same three steps:

Implement the Facebook pixel on your website and/or Facebook SDK and App Events in your mobile app. The Facebook pixel and App Events will give you reports on how often your inventory is viewed or booked.

Upload your catalog to Business Manager. You’ll need a product catalogue or list of your hotel properties and other information such as location, hotel class and price.

Create a template for your ads. You can create an ad template that will dynamically insert photos and details from your catalog based on actions people take on your website or mobile app.

Note: Photos for dynamic adverts must be 500 x 500 pixels. (Update on June 10, 2021 at 3:30PM PT: The minimum image requirement of 600 x 600 pixels is now 500 x 500 pixels.)

View the full step-by-step directions

If you want to promote relevant products or hotels to people who browse your website or mobile app, get started with dynamic ads or dynamic ads for travel today. For more information, read tips on running dynamic ads or dynamic ads for travel, and watch our webinar: Best Practices for Maximizing Success with Dynamic Ads.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA