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May 10, 2016

Driving Product Demand on Mobile

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

When it comes to shopping on mobile, people aren’t using their phones and tablets for a single purpose like browsing or purchasing. Mobile has become a place where people discover, interact and purchase. In fact, mobile devices made up more than 50% of all retail traffic last holiday season, and more than one in five purchases during the 2015 holiday season were on mobile.1 As people shop in this new fashion, they’re taking actions that show product interest in different places and ways. Today, a given shopper can browse on a website or in a mobile app, see and click on ads and eventually make a purchase—entirely on mobile or a combination of devices.

With this shift, businesses can tap into mobile intent signals people are leaving all over the internet and offer hyper-relevant messages to them. To help businesses do just that, today, you can start running dynamic ads on Instagram. With new dynamic ads on Instagram, you can promote relevant products to shoppers who have browsed your website or mobile app—driving greater product demand and sales where people spend their time.

Dynamic Ads on Instagram

While many advertisers already use Instagram to promote their products, customizing creative with the right targeting for each and every product takes time—but is important for driving performance. Dynamic ads on Instagram let you promote the right products to the right person at the right time. When someone visits your website or mobile app, then later looks at Instagram, they’ll be served an ad featuring multiple, related products from ones they were browsing on your site or app. Because of this, dynamic ads are highly relevant for our community—allowing users to explore and engage with the products they care about. And, since dynamic ads are always active, they’ll continually reach customers with the right product on Instagram.

Use dynmaic ads to show more products
Reach Engaged Shoppers

People come to Instagram to discover things they’re passionate about, and that includes content from businesses. In fact, 60% of users learn about products and services on Instagram. And 75% say they take action after being inspired by a post.2 With its bold, mobile format, Instagram is an ideal channel to drive discovery and help shoppers experience your products. Using the carousel ad format, dynamic ads showcase multiple products so consumers can easily browse products in app.

Drive Strong Results

Businesses are already seeing strong results with dynamic ads on Instagram. Canada-based personalized jewelry retailer, Jewlr, is one of the first businesses to try the new ad product. After seeing success with dynamic ads on Facebook, running the ads on Instagram was a natural and efficient way to retarget consumers based on specific actions. The campaign targeted people in the US who viewed or added a product to their cart from the Jewlr website, but hadn’t followed through with a purchase. The dynamic ads on Instagram ensured those people saw ads for jewelry they liked—increasing their likelihood of making a purchase. So far, Jewlr is seeing strong results with their dynamic ads on Instagram—with a return on ad spend exceeding 3X.

After using dynamic ads on Facebook, running them on Instagram was an obvious choice. We can drive demand, and more importantly, sales of our products at scale in a highly visual environment.
Retarget customers with Instagram Ads

With the help of Instagram Partner,, leading South East Asian eCommerce platform, Lazada, used dynamic ads on Instagram that retargeted website visitors to drive installs of its mobile app. With its campaign, the eCommerce company saw a 60% improvement in cost per install compared to static app install ads on Instagram.

Using dynamic ads on Instagram, helped Lazada make the most of cross-device marketing while efficiently expanding its reach and increasing its app user base.
Use carousel ads on Instagram
Get Started

You can create dynamic ads on Instagram the same way you do with dynamic ads on Facebook. To start, upload your entire product catalog into Business Manager. From there, you can buy, manage and report on dynamic ads through Power Editor. You can also work with an Instagram or Facebook Partner to get started. Once dynamic ads are set up, products will automatically populate based on a person’s action on your website or mobile app. That means there’s no need to configure thousands of individual ads for each product. You can also control the products you want advertised to make sure the ads pull in products that are in stock with their latest pricing. For additional reach, you can even extend your dynamic ads to Facebook and the Audience Network.

Dynamic ads on Instagram are the easiest way to reach customers with relevant ads where they’re spending their time. If you’re an advertiser looking to generate sales from your product catalog or retarget people visiting your product pages, set them up today.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA