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June 19, 2017

Driving Business Impact with Ads in Instagram Stories

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Since globally launching earlier this year, Instagram Stories has quickly become a game-changer in the way businesses reach their customers and drive results. With 200M Instagrammers using stories daily, more and more brands have integrated stories' full screen ad capabilities into how they connect and engage with their communities on Instagram. Two of these visionary companies are Beats by Dre (@beatsbydre) and Michael Kors (@michaelkors).

Beats by Dre

Known for its premier products and sound, Beats by Dre was looking for a fresh way to reach potential customers and build hype around its new wireless headphones. With its target audience already active on Instagram Stories, the brand knew exactly what it had to do next.

Joining forces with media agency PMG, marketing agency Laundry Service and creative agency Anomaly, Beats by Dre produced a series of creative videos made specifically for Instagram Stories using its increasingly popular vertical view. The first, which promoted the brand's BeatsX campaign, showcased an array of celebrities interacting with the headphones and demonstrating one of its many innovative product features—magnetic earbuds. The rest of the series focused on the brand's new Solo3 Icon collection colors, bringing them to life through stunning product shots and immersive visuals.

To say the least, the videos were a huge success.

Using the website clicks objective in Instagram Stories to target and drive the campaigns, Beats by Dre was able to achieve an 11x increase in website traffic, a 16x increase in unique user engagement, a 29% increase in purchase lift and a 15% higher click-through rate (as compared to other advertising channels).

Michael Kors

No stranger to using innovative techniques to share their story with the world, Michael Kors tapped Facebook Marketing Partner VidMob to help them drive recall, purchase intent and overall opinion of its new Michael Kors Access smartwatch.

Working with a 30-second, horizontal product video, VidMob was able to transform the original spot and turn it into an engaging series of vertical videos (2, 6, 10 and 15 seconds) to feature on Instagram Stories. These cut-downs allowed the brand to test which video lengths worked best amongst their target audience of females in the UK, ages 18 to 54.

Not only was the campaign a hit on Instagram, but it generated statistically significant lifts for the brand and its new smartwatch—a 23.7 pt lift in ad recall and 8.8 pt lift in favorability, well above both regional and industry benchmarks.

Moving Forward

As stories continues to evolve as a tool that helps businesses all over the world do more on Instagram, we're excited to see the way our community of brands uses its unique ad capabilities to reach more customers and tell more stories.

To see how other businesses like Beats by Dre and Michael Kors are using Instagram Stories to drive results, explore Instagram for Business for more success stories.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA