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July 12, 2016

Cracking Creativity on Instagram: Three Business Stories

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

With over 500 million actives, Instagram is a diverse community with diverse interests. As brands and businesses create ads to attract their unique demographics, each one is approaching creativity a bit differently. To understand how businesses are thinking about and executing creative for Instagram, we followed three Australian businesses as they developed their campaigns. Spanning industry, objective and size, these stories give insight into how you can create impactful mobile ads for Instagram.

To attract a younger audience of urban riders, Harley-Davidson worked with agency 303 MullenLowe to refine and define its creative approach. By understanding audience insights, consumption and behaviors, the pair came up with a concept promoting its Street 500 model.

The concept centered around the idea of “where will the road take you,” highlighting three activities that resonate with the target audience—surfing, food and the great outdoors. As the broadest canvas to share the stories, Harley-Davidson used carousel ads on Instagram and Facebook designed by three illustrators.

Learn how Harley-Davidson uses Instagram

Watch the video below to see how Harley-Davidson developed a creative campaign to shift brand favorability with their younger target audience.

Creative tips for carousel ads:
  • Use a consistent theme to tell your story

  • Do what works best for your business—photos, video or a combination. Just remember, the first frame should work the hardest.

  • Test your target audience

To launch its new Dan the Man retro, 8-bit style mobile game, Halfbrick Studios wanted to tell the game’s story in Instagram’s visual environment. Knowing its target audience is fans of comedy, the campaign focused on “byte” sized moments of joy centered around the concept of “Funny Little Life Lessons.” As the best way to show the lightheartedness of the game, the company leveraged assets they already had to create a series of five, short videos featuring the cheeky nature of characters.

Watch how Halfbrick Studios created bold videos to entice its audience of gamers:

Creative tips for video:
  • Catch attention quickly—design for mobile and the square format

  • Consider sound both on and off, and how the video looks when it loops

  • Make the caption copy work hard—keep it simple

Spotify wanted to launch a campaign featuring global assets and fresh local content. Needing local creative in a short amount of time, the music service worked with Tribe to source photos from Tribe’s repository of influencers. Within 48 hours, Spotify chose the photos they wanted and set up ads using audience segments targeting Australians.

Watch how Spotify Australia and NZ go beyond organic reach with their latest marketing campaign on Instagram:

Tips for partnering with influencers:
  • Start with your business objective to go beyond clicks and likes

  • Ensure influencer relationships are authentic and consider partnerships based around creation of original content

  • By using advertising, you can cost effectively reach your target audience and measure real results

These are just three ways businesses have approached creativity on Instagram. Whether you’re a small business or a big brand, keep your target audience in mind when creating ads. No matter the approach, be sure to tell a story that supports your business goal and resonates with your audience, incorporates your branding, and is well crafted.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA