New Update: Boost Your Reels to Reach New Audiences

clock imageJuly 19, 2022

(Update on July 19, 2022 at 12:00PM PT: This blog post was updated with additional details about turning reels into ads on Instagram.)

Instagram Reels are a fun, entertaining way to tell your brand story and get discovered by new audiences. Reels is our fastest-growing format and an important part of Instagram, as more people watch Reels to be entertained, go deeper with their interests or discover new businesses.

Today, we’re announcing that businesses can now boost their reels within the Instagram app to turn them into ads for the opportunity to reach new audiences and drive more engagement. Boosted Reels, summarized in the reel below, will appear in feed, Stories, the Reels tab and the explore page to help new customers find your brand.

Which reels can be boosted?

To be eligible for boosting within the Instagram app, reels must be less than 60 seconds and have a 9:16 aspect ratio, which means they’re filmed vertically and have a full-screen format. At this time, reels that use third party IP—such as copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers or camera filters in a reel—are ineligible for boosting, as well as reels shared to Facebook.

How do I boost eligible reels?

You can boost your reels by finding the reel in your grid in profile and tapping Boost Post. After running your ad, remember to check your Insights to learn which ads brought in the most engagement.

Keep boosting your reels to connect with your audience and attract potential new customers.

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