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May 10, 2018

Beauty on Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

With over 800 million active accounts,1 Instagram has become the go-to destination for people to connect with their favorite beauty brands, creators and experts like never before. Whether through feed, live or stories, Instagram is changing the way emerging beauty trends are shared and experienced. As part of our recent Beauty Beyond events in Los Angeles and New York, we explored how Instagram provides advertisers with the perfect opportunity to engage with this highly active community in more immersive ways.

Of the top 10 accounts that beauty Instagrammers follow, nine of these accounts are beauty brands.
Instagram data, Apr 20182
Built for Beauty

The visual nature of Instagram allows people to follow and share their passions unlike anywhere else in the world—especially in the beauty community. In fact, beauty Instagrammers are active on the platform every day of the month,3 taking part in 33 sessions a day on average.4 The reason for this increasing activity is due to all of the rich content created by our diverse community of brands, creators and experts passionate about this thriving space—particularly through video. As more and more content is shared on Instagram from creators, our beauty community is helping Instagram become a destination for discovery and action.

Over a 28 day period, beauty Instagrammers experience 300 video views on average.
Instagram data, Apr 20185
Beauty Beyond Feed

With its unique focus on connecting the world through immersive video and imagery, Instagram's diverse palette of tools and surfaces work together to create the perfect 'look' for advertisers when sharing their story with their community. But how do you know which tool or surface to use? While each creates a unique touchpoint for people to experience—whether it be live, direct or stories—using all of them together is the best way to maximize Instagram's true power and drive business results.

For example, beauty brands on Instagram can use this dynamic content experience to share exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage through live, over the top glamour shots in feed or bring its vast selection of products to life in stories—just as popular cosmetic brand Cover FX (@coverfx) did during a recent campaign.

Beaming with Beauty

Just like a completed look, by paying attention to all the elements and how they work together, Instagram has become a destination where beauty converges. Whether it be brands showing off their latest products, experts sharing personal tips and advice or consumers looking to discover more about their passion, beauty brings together some of the best content that Instagram has to offer.

To see how other beauty brands like Benefit Cosmetics (@benefitcosmetics), L'Oréal Paris Hair (@lorealhair) and Birchbox France (@birchboxfr) use Instagram to create captivating content that drives business results, check out their success stories here.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA