Captivate with your stories

Add some extras to your story to grab people’s attention.

Story elements

Once you have your picture or video on the screen, you'll see these features to start editing stories.

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Edit your story

Follow these steps to take your story to the next level.

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Add filters

Swipe left or right to select from different filter options for your photo or video.

Add text

Tap anywhere to start typing. Select your text size with the slider. On the top of your screen, choose the font, the alignment
Edit the font of your Instagram story
, and add a color background
Add a color to your Instagram story background
. Tap twice to make the background transparent.

Draw and highlight

Draw on your Instagram story
and choose your brush to draw or highlight elements of your story. You can draw with a marker, highlighter, neon, and chalk.

Add color

Choose the color at the bottom of your screen. Swipe left to discover more colors or choose a custom color by tapping and holding on any color. You can also select a specific color from your image or video with
Choose a custom color for your Instagram story

Tell your story in fun and unique ways.

From your story, Tap
Add stickers to your Instagram story
to add stickers. There are different types of stickers:

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Tell your Instagram story in fun and unique ways

Live stickers

  • Add a location sticker by searching for or selecting nearby places. When people see your story, they'll be able to tap the sticker and view the page for that location.

  • Add a time or weather sticker. These stickers are based on information from your device and your current location.

  • Add a selfie sticker by tapping the sticker with your profile picture and taking a photo.

Interactive stickers

  • Add a hashtag sticker. When people tap the sticker on your story they’ll view the page for the hashtag you enter.

  • Add a mention sticker to mention people or businesses on your story. When people tap the sticker, they’ll go to the profile mentioned.

  • Add a poll sticker or emoji slider sticker to write your own question and customize the answers. People can respond by tapping an option you've provided or sliding the emoji. Once published, people can vote and see real-time results.

  • Add a question sticker to ask open-ended questions to your audience. When you view your story and swipe up, you can see their answers.

  • Once you’ve chosen your sticker, you can tap it for more options, overlap, resize or delete it. To delete a sticker tap and hold it, then drag it to
    Adjust stickers on your Instagram story
    at the bottom.

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