Inspire the 500 million that use stories every day.

Instagram Stories is another way for you to tap into people's passions and inspire them to take action. In fact, of the 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories,1 one-third of the most viewed stories come from businesses, and one in five stories gets a direct message from its viewers.2

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Running stories ads

With its full screen, vertical format, your business can share photos and videos that immerse Instagrammers in your content. And with the ability to target your ads by reach, video views, traffic, conversions, app installs and brand awareness, you can drive business results at the same time.

Viewing insights

You can see how your Instagram Stories ads perform in the insights section of your business profile on the app. You can also view more metrics within Ads Manager and Power Editor including reach, impressions, and video metrics just like you would for other ads.

Immersing your audience

Join more than 50% of business accounts that created stories in the last month.3 From playing up the vertical format, to remixing existing photos and videos, use Instagram's unique creative tools to tell your business story. With 60% of stories viewed with sound-on, be sure to share content that sounds as good as it looks.4

From building brand lift and awareness, to driving action through purchases and installs, see how businesses continue to see success with ads in stories. View stories ad success stories.

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Getting started

Like most ads on Instagram, you can use Ads Manager or Power Editor to launch stories ads. Make sure to select your ad objective first, and then expand the Instagram placement selector to select Instagram Stories. Learn more about stories ad specs and objectives.

Or get a step-by-step guide on how to buy and launch ads on Instagram.

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