Businesses love Instagram Stories

Every day, businesses are using Instagram Stories to share immersive content people can interact with.

Advertisers can post photos or videos with a clear call-to-action to send users to the products and pages that are most relevant to them within the Instagram platform. Promoting ads in Instagram Stories are great for showcasing limited-time promotions, product demos, behind the scenes, and more.

Watch our 5-step tutorial to see how you can easily use the stop motion feature in Instagram Stories to showcase your products.

Watch our 5-step tutorial to see how you can easily use the stop motion feature in Instagram Stories to showcase your products.Watch our 5-step tutorial to see how you can easily use the stop motion feature in Instagram Stories to showcase your products.
Try it yourself

Follow these steps to make your own stop motion video ad in Instagram Stories:

Step 1: Select stop motion feature on Instagram
Step 1

Select the stop motion feature
Open the camera in the Instagram app. Scroll to the right to select stop-motion.

Step 2: Play with product placement within your camera
Step 2

Play with your product placement
Consider how you want your product or movement to be featured in the ad. You can use paper or foam as a simple background. Place your product in the starting position and keep your camera still (or use a tripod).

Step 3: Capture product moving or in motion
Step 3

Capture your product moving
Press the capture button in the center to take your first photo. Keeping the frame the same, move your product slightly in the direction you want it to go. Capture another picture for each movement. Repeat to capture the full motion.

Step 4: Experiment with different fonts, text or stickers
Step 4

Experiment with different fonts
Once finished, consider adding text or stickers. This where you can play with different fonts and fun stickers to make your creative stand out!

Step 5: Save your story and upload
Step 5

Save your story and upload
Click Done to view your animation and Save to add the video to your library. Now you can upload this video to Ads Manager and select Instagram Stories under Edit Placements.

How to advertise using your saved video

1. Go to Ads Manager

2. Click Create an Ad

3. Select the Reach, Video views, Conversions, App installs, Lead Generation or Traffic objective

4. In the Ad Set section, click Placements

5. Select the Edit Placements, then select the Instagram placement

6. Click Stories

7. Follow the rest of the steps to continue building your ad campaign

8. When you're ready, click Review Changes to publish your changes

Enhance your creative

With Instagram's features, you can easily create high quality photos and videos for your account.

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Play with creative tools

Ready to try something new? Try using the following Instagram features to bring your product to life:

Play videos in reverse. Take apart your product and use the video to build it back together, or mix and match products to show winning combination.

Automatically zoom in with suspenseful music. Make your product the center of focus and zoom into specific details that you want to draw attention to.

More ways to stand out with Instagram Stories

Shoot a 360 video to highlight your businessShoot a 360 video to highlight your business
1. Go behind the scenes

Shoot a video from inside your business to take viewers behind the scenes or tease a new product. Consider using the polling sticker to get real-time feedback.

Create a promotion with your Instagram Story
2. Create a promotion

Re-cycle one of your product photos and use a sticker or the text icon to advertise a promotion. Provide a clear call-to-action button to take interested consumers to your website or catalogue.

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