On Instagram, video ads need to be one minute or less.

Video ads are shorter on Instagram.

Video ads on Instagram must be one minute or shorter, unlike Facebook where they can be up to two minutes long. So, grab your smartphone and make shorter videos with these simple tips.

Make shorter and strategic videos with InstagramMake shorter and strategic videos with Instagram
Use Boomerang to make captivating mini videos that loop back and forth.

  • Where there’s movement, there’s a Boomerang. Put your product, people or subject in motion to make the video pop.
  • Once you’ve captured a Boomerang, share it to your feed or Instagram Story. You can also capture a Boomerang right within stories.
Use Hyperlapse to create smooth videos that fix shaky footage for you.

  • You can speed up your footage to create an easy time-lapse or keep it at normal speed with Hyperlapse's added stability.
  • Show your manufacturing process, your product in action or glimpse behind.
The Hyperlapse app stabilizes video to create quality adsThe Hyperlapse app stabilizes video to create quality ads
Other tips for creating short videos

Create short videos with Facebook Slideshow

Use Facebook slideshow to stitch together multiple photos into one professional video.

Edit Facebook videos with Instagram

Repurpose videos from other places like your website or Facebook Page. You can trim video length within the Instagram app or with your phone’s photo app.

Edit your Instagram video

Create a video that makes sense without sound. Add text or subtitles if needed.

Download video apps to spruce up your Instagram video

Check out your phone’s app store to download other video apps that make creating content a breeze.

See how other businesses use shorter videos to elevate their ads.

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