Measure results

Create more relevant and timely content by learning about your followers and understanding which posts they like.

What can you measure?

Instagram Insights provides information on who your followers are, when they're online, and how they interact with your photos and videos.


See when and how many times your profile and posts are seen.

Why is this helpful?
If you reach more people on Tuesdays, your followers might be more active on that day. Post messages related to your business goals on Tuesdays to increase opportunities for followers to see your content and take action.


See everything you posted by type of content, dates, and metrics.

Why is this helpful?
If you see that Instagram Stories are driving more impressions during certain days, it may be worth posting more Stories than posts on your Instagram business profile on those days.


When you reach 100 followers, you'll unlock the opportunity to learn more about who your community is, like age and location.

Why is this helpful?
If you see that the majority of your followers are between the ages of 25-34, you may want to create content that's more appropriate for that audience.

How can you see your results?

You can view Instagram Insights from your business profile and your posts.

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View insights from your business profile

  1. Go to your business profile.
  2. Tap
    at the top right corner of your business profile.

Get insights from instagram
View insights from your post

  1. Go to your business profile.
  2. Tap an image you'd like to view insights on.
  3. Tap View Insights below the image.

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