On Instagram, you can easily share photos and videos to tell people who you are, what you do and why they should follow you. Use the tips below to help you stand out and get discovered by new followers with your next post.

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tip 1

Get inspired by other posts

When you need ideas about what to post, explore other Instagram accounts to see what people and businesses are sharing as inspiration.

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3 techniques to help inform your posts:

  • Follow other accounts.

    Follow similar businesses, ones located nearby, industry leaders or businesses selling products or services that complement your own.

  • Search relevant hashtags.

    Start broad and then narrow it down. You can follow the hashtag page to keep track of the ones that are most relevant to your business.

  • Save inspiring posts.

    Save posts you like and notice any patterns. Consider captions that resonate with how you want to represent your business.


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tip 2

Be intentional with visuals and captions

Think of your Instagram profile like an extension of your storefront, and share posts that allow visitors to discover your products or services and establish a connection with your business.

3 things to consider in each post:

  • Visual:

    Consider photos that engage, educate, or excite people about your business. For example, you can share photos of people who use your products.

  • Caption:

    Keep it short and sweet. Lead with the most important information first and encourage actions you want people to take, like ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Shop our Sale’.

  • Hashtags:

    Try relevant hashtags, mentions and tags and add them to your captions. That way, people interested in these topics can easily find you.


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tip 3

Create a consistent look and feel

To build familiarity with your business, it’s important to post regularly and maintain a similar look and feel across your photos and videos.

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4 ways to keep your content consistent:

  • Use consistent colors..

    Try using the same color palette or Instagram filters across your photos and videos for an easy way to create consistency.

  • Create a theme..

    Consider similar photos that show unique sides to your business. For example, show behind-the-scenes, before and after shots or a series of your services in use.

  • Establish your tone..

    Is your business’s personality playful, informative, casual or formal? Maintain a similar tone for any captions, comments or text used in your posts.

  • Post regularly..

    The more frequently you post on Instagram, the more interactions and visitors you can attract. Consider a content calendar to keep track of future posts.


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tip 4

Reach and engage more people

Reach more people who might not be familiar with your business so you can continue to build your audience of followers.

4 ways you can get your posts discovered:

  • Use hashtags.

    Your posts can appear when people search hashtags. You can even make a hashtag for your business so more people can easily discover you.

  • Tag customers.

    Share photos of your customers using your product or service. Don’t forget to get their account name (and permission, of course!), so you can tag them in your post.

  • Mention other businesses.

    Think about businesses you want to build a relationship with. For example, if you own a yoga studio, you can post about yoga mats and tag the company that makes them.

  • Add your location.

    Add your address to your business account to create your own location tag. Include your location tag on your posts, and encourage customers to do the same.


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tip 5

Save these images for your next post

Out of ideas? Consider using one of these templates to stay in touch with your community while you plan your next post.

IG post template: we're open
IG post template: shop our sale
IG post template: we love our followers
IG post template: open for online ordering

Get started and create your next post today!