The next generation of video

Five years after the launch of video on Instagram, we are excited to introduce Instagram Video which brings audiences closer to the creators they love. We are re-envisioning mobile video with a new standalone surface that features longer videos and easy discoverability through channels, all in a vertical format that sits upright, in the palm of your hand.

We're evolving with the times; these days, people are watching less TV and more digital video.1 By 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic.2 And we've learned that younger audiences are spending more time with amateur content creators and less time with professionals.3

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Instagram Video is:

Mobile first: Instagram Video is built for how you actually use your phone: vertical and full screen.

Simple and intuitive: It starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don't have to search or browse to get started, and it's easy to multitask.

Curated: Instagram Video is focused on the creators you love most and already follow on Instagram.

Anyone can be a creator on Instagram Video and upload videos in the app or on the web.

What this means for businesses

Longer vertical video on Instagram makes it even easier to get closer to your audience and be discovered by new people.

Be the first

Be among the first to lead the future of video.

Get closer

Use longer, permanent video for deeper storytelling. Build stronger connections with potential customers as you showcase other dimensions of your business without being limited to one type of content, length or format.

Leverage your community

As with stories, Instagram Video is built on Instagram leveraging a global community of more than 800M people. When your followers open IGTV, they will instantly see original content from you, and new people can also discover your brand.

We believe this is the future of video. People continue to spend more time with entertainment on their mobile devices, and we're making it easier for them to get closer to the creators and original content they love.

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