Discover how Australian communities, creators and brands
are using Instagram to connect with the people and things they love.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Community

Your voice matters. For Mardi Gras 2020, Instagram brought together LGBTQ+ communities from all around Australia to share their empowering stories of visibility, diversity and inclusion.

Creative Ways to Connect

From new forms of entertainment to supporting local businesses, people are rallying together and starting community movements on Instagram in response to COVID-19. Check out how Aussies are using Instagram to make connections that matter.

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Building Brand

In a world where culture meets commerce, see how you can broadcast your brand story at scale to a highly engaged audience. Build your brand for the modern era on Instagram.

Taking Action During COVID-19

As physical distancing becomes a reality for people and communities, this playbook offers creative ways for you to authentically engage and keep the lines of communication open with your customers, when they need it most.

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Success Stories

Here’s some inspiration for your next campaign. See how businesses
in Australia use Instagram ads to get real business results – from
raising brand awareness to increasing sales.

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Can Stories Do It?

With Instagram Stories, the full mobile screen is a showcase for your business (and your creativity). Any new or existing creative assets can be turned into Stories ads.

Can Stories Get Greyhounds Adopted?

Australian not-for-profit Greyhound Rescue used a Stories-ad first campaign to drive awareness of “Adopt A Greyhound Month”. The six-part Stories campaign showcased greyhounds available for adoption, helping to find new homes for dogs at a time when more Australians may be able to adopt or foster.

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Catch up on the latest

Take a look at the latest inspiration, news and updates from our Australian team and leaders across the industry.

Adventures in the Growing World of Vertical
Paul Nahoun, Facebook ANZ

Immerse your audience in vertical and virtual storytelling through Instagram Stories.

Instagram Storytelling Trends To Try
Daria Willis, Genero

Inspiring community creativity is emerging from COVID-19 lockdown – how can your brand join the movement?

Branded Content: Your Secret to Success
Jules Lund, TRIBE

Hear how you can use Branded Content to answer the biggest questions facing the industry today.

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