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Design recommendations

The collection ad format on Instagram makes it easier for people to discover, browse and purchase products and services from their mobile device in a visual and immersive way. With collection on Instagram, you can showcase your brand and multiple products in feed and take customers on a seamless post-click experience to browse your products in a fullscreen Instant Experience called 'Instant Storefront'.

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Ad specs

  • Image or Video: Select your hero image or video. You can manually choose the images which will appear below the header or let them be chosen dynamically

  • Text: 90 characters. If you would like your campaign to run across Facebook and Instagram, you can add a headline that will appear on Facebook, but it will not appear on Instagram

  • Objectives supported: traffic, conversions, catalog sales and store visits

Feed hero image/video

  • Instagram supports square (1:1), full landscape / horizontal (16:9), and slideshow. Instagram will not support ratios higher than 1:1

  • Minimum Image Width in Pixels : 500

  • Minimum Image Height in Pixels : 500

Postclick Instant Experience

The post-click Instant Experience is compatible with Facebook product catalog. See Facebook product catalog guidelines for more.

How collection on Instagram differs from collection on Facebook

  • The collection ad format can only be used on Instagram with Instant Storefront as the post-click Instant Experience template

  • Collection on Instagram shows three items below the hero image, versus the four shown on Facebook. If you would like your campaign to run across Facebook and Instagram, select 4 products to feature on Facebook and 3 images will be dynamically selected for Instagram

  • The collection on Instagram ad format will default to a “Learn More” CTA in Feed, versus “More” on Facebook. However, for both Facebook and Instagram, the Instant Experience CTA is customizable if the advertiser provides us with a “See More URL” during creation

  • Collection on Instagram can only be included in new campaigns and through new posts

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