Inspire people with deeper storytelling

with Carousel Ads on Instagram

Everyday, Instagram provides people a memorable experience through visual storytelling. The carousel ad format enables businesses to tell their stories and connect with people using multiple photos and videos.

A mix of photo and video assets can be used together in one carousel ad. Each card can drive to a unique URL with a custom caption per card, however, only one Call-to-Action button can be used across the carousel ad.

Ad Specs
Ad Components

2-10 photos and/or videos


Square only / 1:1 aspect ratio

Photo file type: .jpg, .png

Video file type: .mp4


Minimum: 600 x 600 pixels

Maximum: 1080 x 1080 pixels

Video Length

60 seconds max per card

No minimum

File Size

Maximum: 4GB per card


Maximum: 2,200 characters (text only)


Drives to an in-app browser or app store for iOS and Android


Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Request Time, See Menu, Play Game, Use App, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch More

(Available calls-to-action vary based on your objective)

Instagram and Facebook Carousel side-by-side

You can run the same Carousel Ad on both Instagram and Facebook, though there will be minor differences in how the ad unit displays across the two platforms.

For ad sets that run across both Instagram and Facebook, if you select "No Button,” your ad will display with no call-to-action button on Facebook, but will display with “Learn More” by default on Instagram. Call-to-action buttons are required on Instagram in order to signal to users your ad is clickable.

To learn more about best practices, tips, and success stories on Facebook and Instagram Carousel ads, enroll in the Storytelling With the Carousel Format Blueprint eLearning course.