Lean into automation on Instagram to drive performance through Stories creative and format optimizations.

Creating native, immersive and performant Instagram Stories ads just got simpler. Now advertisers can easily get started by leveraging existing creative, saving you time and effort.

How it works

Stories creative and format optimizations are designed to make it easy for you to create ads that resonate with your Stories audience and help drive performance. Ads that select the Instagram Stories placement are automatically opted-in to Stories creative and format optimizations which create multiple Stories creative variations of your ad. When your ad is delivered to people on Stories, our systems adjust to your audience preferences and deliver the ad version that they’re most likely to prefer. Matching the right ad creative variation to the right person helps create a more personalized experience for each person viewing your ads, leading to performance that scales for your campaign.

Automatic Stories templates

A suite of automatic Stories templates easily create fullscreen vertical Stories ads by using any existing Feed asset. Instagram dynamically chooses which template may be most optimal for your creative to drive performance, and adjusts to your audience preferences by showing different creative ad variations to different people in your audience.

Carousel transformation with text overlay

Display your primary text as an overlay on a second card to transform into a carousel ad. This alternative way to display long primary text may provide a more native and digestible experience for people to consume the information about your ad.

Accessing Stories creative and format optimizations

Any ad that selects the Instagram Stories placement will be automatically eligible for these optimizations if compatible, without any additional action required.

  • Automatic Stories templates: Automatically eligible when using existing Feed assets.

  • Carousel transformation with text overlay: Automatically eligible for long primary text over 100 characters.

Preview Stories creative and format optimizations

  • View all possible variations of your ad by clicking on “View More Variations” in the preview area of Ads Manager.

  • Make any edits by exiting and going back to the steps for setting up and accessing these new variations.

Opting-out of Stories creative and format optimizations

If you prefer our systems to not apply these optimizations, you can opt-out by customizing how your ad will appear when delivered in Instagram Stories by going to the Ad Creative Section and “Edit Placement” in Ads Manager.

  • Under “Edit Placement,” scroll down to “Single Placements” and ensure you select “Instagram Stories” as the single placement to edit.

  • If you have an existing Feed asset, under Templates, click “Change Template”. Now, you have the option to select your desired Instagram Stories template, which will replace any automatic creative optimizations.

  • If you have a fullscreen 9:16 asset, you can upload the 9:16 media asset, which will replace any automatic creative optimizations. Under “Media,” click “Change” and choose your new media.

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