Any Instagram Feed asset can now be transformed into a full-screen Stories ad

Creating native, immersive Instagram Stories ads just got simpler. Now advertisers can easily get started by leverage existing creative, saving time and effort.

How it works

When a business uploads a single photo or a video under 15 seconds within Instagram Feed aspect ratios, Instagram will automatically provide full-screen support for this content on Instagram Stories. Whether exclusively or across multiple placements, advertisers can seamlessly reach people across Instagram and Facebook.

The ad creative will get turned into a full-screen format with our pixel-matching technology automatically selecting a background gradient, or you can customise the colour in Ads Manager.

If the ad creative is square or landscape, the text from the Instagram Feed or Facebook Feed unit will be added in Stories text font to the bottom of the ad.



Ad specs

  • Media: Single video (under 15 seconds), single photo only

  • Objectives: Video Views, Reach, Brand Awareness objective, Traffic, Conversions, App Installs, Lead Generation

  • Buying type: Auction, reach and frequency

  • Headlines: Not supported

  • Placement availability: Facebook Feed, Instagram Feed, Audience Network

  • Advertising with a Facebook Page is supported


  • Text style and font cannot be resized

  • No ability to toggle caption on or off

  • Placement optimisation in Instagram Stories only allows for one ad per ad set at this time

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