PayPal Re-imagines Money

Since joining Instagram in January 2013, @PayPal has been using its account to connect in a new way with followers. PayPal is taking a unique approach to building authentic associations with its brand by highlighting the experiences that the PayPal service enables. PayPal frequently invites guest Instagrammers to “take over” the account and share these experiences. For example, Brooklyn based fashion blogger @keikolynn recently documented her shopping excursions using PayPal. Followers are encouraged to share their own adventures on Instagram using the #paypalit hashtag.

As part of this experience-based approach to branding, this past July 4th, PayPal invited guest Instagrammers to share what freedom means to them through a single photo and caption. For the five day “Freedom” July 4 photo series, PayPal enlisted the help of five Instagrammers who had guest posted on the PayPal account before — @danielsunglee, @mlle_michele, @alice_gao, @trotterpup, and @tylersharpphoto — and asked them to delve into the spirit of independence underlying the holiday.

Each day, one of the guest Instagrammers posted a single image on the @PayPal account. The images captured different meanings and interpretations of freedom, ranging from @alice_gao’s sense of freedom when she travels to @trotterpup’s appreciation of the freedom to “eat endless amounts of #bacon with no shame”.